Coaching Video 3

The Coaching Business Workshop Watch Day

This is your very last chance to watch the video recordings of all 3 live sessions — because after 24 hours, these videos will vanish.


  • Why there’s no one perfect marketing strategy that suits EVERY coaching business (and why that’s a good thing)
  • How to engage and present your offer to the people who will become your best clients
  • The 3 fastest ways to enroll your first (or next) client – with advice to make it easier than ever
  • Why you don’t want to “sell the boat” when you talk to prospective clients about coaching
  • How to focus your marketing and sales strategy on client results, so that you spark the Cycle of Confidence that brings you even more clients
  • How to grow your practice by expanding your online and offline presence as an expert coach
  • The simple IF-THEN checklist that gets you unstuck and helps you generate paying clients, fast!

If you’re interested in the special offer I mentioned during the workshop, get full details (AND grab your early action bonus) here: