Coaching Video 2

The Coaching Business Workshop Watch Day

This is your very last chance to watch the video recordings of all 3 live sessions — because after 24 hours, these videos will vanish.


  • How your passion and care for your clients drives the results that grow your business
  • Why clients need an unprecedented level of support to generate the momentum for deep transformation – and how you can deliver that experience for them
  • The 7 categories of behind-the-scenes systems your practice needs to thrive
  • How you can easily build a list of people who are interested in what you offer
  • The simple-yet-effective funnel that turns your list building efforts into paying client enrollments
  • Real-life case studies of coaches who have achieved success by systematizing and integrating their business’ back office tasks (so that they can focus on their clients)
  • An inside view of using The Coaches Console software to seamlessly integrate all the essential success structures for your practice
  • How to know what tech you do and don’t need, so you only spend time or money on tools that make a tangible difference in your work

If you’re interested in the special offer I mentioned during the workshop, get full details (AND grab your early action bonus) here: