Coaching Video 1

The Coaching Business Workshop Watch Day

This is your very last chance to watch the video recordings of all 3 live sessions — because after 24 hours, these videos will vanish.


  • What it REALLY takes to build a thriving coaching business, and how to tell if that’s the right choice for you
  • The 3 things every good coach must do, so that you can set your business up for success
  • Why it’s your duty to make the most of your opportunities to *grow* as a coach and as a business(especially during times of global transformation)
  • The Results Revolution that’s driving new approaches to coaching – and to running a coaching business
  • How to know if your practice is in the Range of Acceptability for today’s market (and what to do if it isn’t!)
  • How to uncover the urgent needs that keep your future clients awake at night, so you can create an offer that serves them
  • Why your coaching practice needs *intentional* systems in place to generate consistent results
  • A template for explaining what you do so that your ideal clients “get it” and want to enroll

If you’re interested in the special offer I mentioned during the workshop, get full details (AND grab your early action bonus) here: