Modern martial arts for children and adults in Bedford and forest, va.


Martial Arts for Children

Students in our Martial Arts for Kids program excel by building self-control, and agility to help them succeed in life.

Martial Arts for Adults

Students in our Martial Arts for Adults program really appreciate the difference between martial arts training and health clubs.

After-School Program

What could be better and safer after-school than gaining skill and knowledge in the martial arts.

Our Programs

Martial Arts Classes

The way we teach at Blue Ridge Martial Arts is with an ultra-modern curriculum that’s proven to get students into great shape and helps them to quickly learn the exciting skills of martial arts.

Self-Defense Classes

Our self-defense program is based on law enforcement training.

Martial arts has a wide variety of skills that makes it fun and exciting.

Self-defense has to be super simple.

Martial Arts Birthday Parties!

Organizing a birthday party should not have to be a stressful task, it should be a fun, stress-free event!

Let Blue Ridge Martial Arts do all the work for you so you, your family and your guests can just HAVE FUN!!!

Martial Arts Summer Camp

Our summer camp is a unique and fun learning experience, making it perfect for children.

Kids get lessons in self-defense, leadership and respect each day. 

Master Instructor Sidney Burns

For over 19 years, Master Burns has been teaching at our martial arts school as a MATA-certified instructor. From improving kid’s self-confidence to trianing organizations in martial arts, our instructors aim high as professional martial artists.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are trained and certified by

the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association (MATA)

Senior Instructor Lorna Coyle

For over 19 years, Lorna Coyle has been teaching at our martial arts school.  As a MATA-certified instructor, she’s great at motivating our students to create excellence as their standard.

Our Schools

Our Bedford Location

108 North Bridge Street

Bedford, VA


Our Forest Location

14805 Forest Rd. Suite 223

Forest, Va




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Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy – Bedford

108 North Bridge Street Bedford VA

Blue Ridge Martial Arts Academy – Forest

14805 Forest Rd. Suite 223, Forest, Va