How Our Automated Advertising Works

Multiple Traffic Sources

Dominating Distribution

This is an A.I. powered, automated traffic acquisition platform connected to Google Search, GDN, YouTube, Bing, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and thousands of premium traffic sources.

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Automated Martial Arts Ad Creation

Your campaign will run on multiple platforms. Each platform will require different ad formats. Our A.I. will automatically create those ads using the material from your website. It will convert them into professional looking banners and ads for you, automatically.

Automated Martial Arts Ad Distribution

“Automated Marketing” is connected to more than 100 different traffic sources. Depending on your goals, location, and target market the A.I. will run your campaign on one or more traffic sources.


Build Trust. Build Skills.

Our automated student enrollment funnel includes personalized videos from Martial Arts Teachers’ Association founder John Graden, who will explain to prospects why your school is the best choice. Video is made and edited professionally.

Learn in Class. Practice at Home.

Our martial arts program for kids includes video based-based practice sessions so kids can train at home on the days they don’t come to class.

Practicing these moves at home is an excellent way to reinforce what they are learning in class.

It also teaches self-discipline because these at-home practice sessions only work if the child does them.

The First Discipline.

We know most parents enroll their children to improve their self-discipline.  The first discipline is the come to class.

We help school owners communicate with new students about the importance of steady attendance from their first class on. 

Get everything you need to grow your martial arts school.

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